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In the fund management industry, the abundance and importance of data and information are paramount in shaping investment strategies and risk management practices, thus affecting overall performance. Good distillation of information and delivering what is relevant in a simple but impactful way to the client is at the core of Simplified Advisory's mandate. 

I provide equity advisory to family offices with assets of US$10mil and above, focusing mainly on China, Hong Kong, and Japan equities. While compounding returns from equities over the long-term is the goal, being sensitive to any short-term negative market impacts is also crucial to long-term success. 

I therefore assist my clients to develop and refine their investment methodology, portfolio construction and risk monitoring that is aligned to their mandate.

How much water is in snow? Snow is composed of frozen water crystals, but because there is so much air surrounding each of those tiny crystals in the snowpack, most of the total volume of a snow layer is made up of air. We refer to the snow water as the thickness of water that would result from melting a given layer of snow. The water equivalent of snow varies, depending on crystal structure, wind speed, temperature, and other factors. 

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Sample Report: Week 15, 2023, Update on China/ Hong Kong

Feb2024 Note

Note: China's economy, Feb 2024. This is purely my personal opinion.

Week 12, 2024: 

IIF capital flows in/ out of China shows a high correlation to the performance of Hang Seng Index

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